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ginger jar illustrated notecard next to white envelope, gold pen, pink rose and white ribbon

It is widely believed that handwriting has become a lost art. In a world where everyone types, we seldom take the time to simply write anymore. And yet, there's something both special and ordinary about handwritten notes. They're personal, they're intimate, and they carry with them the feeling that someone took the time to sit down and really think about what they wanted to say.

What better way to send a written message, than via an artistic notecard? Honey Be-Merry personalizable notecards are the perfect way to send a handwritten note that is both personal and stylish. Each notecard features a different work of art, with a blank interior so you can write your own message.

collection of honey be-merry folded notecards


These notecards are a fun way to show your personality and to make someone feel special. They also make great gifts (*Hint hint* Mother's Day is just around the corner!)

A set of personalized notecards with illustrations inspired by everyday delights will captivate stationery lovers. Custom social stationery is always appreciated, and these notecards are sure to make anyone smile.

Sometimes, the simple things in life bring the most satisfaction and joy. Think: going to the farmer’s market or to Trader Joe’s, and picking up some fresh tulips to decorate the home for spring. Our personalized notecards featuring tulips bouquet illustrations are perfect for adding a touch of springtime beauty to your correspondence, bringing smiles to your loved ones' faces!

shop personalized tulips bouquet notecard


Send a message of summer fun with our pink ribbon straw hat illustration notecard. Evoke memories of warmer weather and brighten up someone's day; let them know you're thinking of them.

pink ribbon straw hat illustrated note card


The image of the delicate pink peony flowers on this notecard may make you think about stopping by your favorite florist on weekends to pick up an arrangement for your home.  Whether it’s tulips in the spring, daisies in the summer, or roses in the fall, there’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet to brighten up your day.

note card with pink flowers in straw tote illustration


We can all appreciate a breezy, comfy top in warm weather. Give this notecard to your stylish friend who loves fashion, or to someone who could use a little reminder that summer is on its way!

personalized folded note card


Add some zest to your note with our bowl of lemons notecard. The bold stripes of navy blue and yellow will liven up any space. So whether your recipient places it on their kitchen counter or dining table, this notecard is sure to brighten up their day.

bowl of lemons illustration on folded note card


Not only are ginger jars visually striking, but they’re also a fun way to appreciate a love of blue and white decor. For the decor lover obsessed with this color scheme, our ginger jar notecard would be right up their alley.

ginger jar illustration on folded note card


There's something special about receiving a handwritten note. It's personal, intimate, and shows that someone took the time to sit down and really think about what they wanted to say. Honey Be-Merry notecards are the perfect way to send a handwritten note that is both personal and stylish. Choose from a selection of illustrations that add a special touch to your note. Our notecards are available with or without personalization. 

So if you're ever looking for a thoughtful way to show someone you care, consider sending them a handwritten note on Honey Be-Merry stationery. They'll be thrilled! You can find these cards - printed on luxurious cardstock - in our Etsy shop.

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