Colorful Rainbow Balloons Kids Party Invitation

 rainbow balloon garland invitations

How To Design Your Child's Birthday Party Theme When You've Got Zero Ideas

If you're feeling uninspired about your child's upcoming birthday party, don't worry! You can easily design a cohesive and fun party theme simply by starting with the invitation.
By finding suitable kids party invitations, you can set the tone and theme for your event and get those creative juices flowing. So, if you're stuck on what kind of party to throw for your little one's next birthday, why not start with our rainbow balloon garland birthday invitations?
This invitation provides the backdrop for a versatile party theme: a rainbow kids party! Great for when you don't have a specific concept in mind for your party. After all, who doesn't love balloons and splashes of color, right?
As you may already know, your party invitation is a great starting point to pull ideas for creating a cohesive look for your event, and a colorful kids party invitation is a good place to start. Our inspiration board below is designed around our featured invitations, and is sure to get your rainbow kids party ideas flowing.

rainbow balloon garland kids birthday

1 - balloon garland | 2 - cutlery set | 3 - blue rainbow balloons invite | 4 - pink rainbow balloons invite | 5 - meri meri mini party hats | 6 - balloon chandelier

Perfect for a summer birthday party, use brightly colored tableware and decorations to create a cheerful atmosphere. Customized font variations can add some personality and fun to these invitations as well. For a cohesive look, we can use the same font style and color on all of your party signage.

rainbow clouds and sky invitation for boys

Joint birthday parties are a great opportunity to use the same design template with different colors or illustrations for each child. This invitation can easily be customized to feature each child's name and favorite colors. For a fun and festive party atmosphere, use lots of streamers and balloons in each child's favorite color. You can even use the balloon garland design as a backdrop for your dessert or gift table.

joint birthday rainbow kids invitations

With the variety of personalization options shown, you can see that this invitation style is truly versatile. Below are a few more ideas from past customizations we've helped our beloved customers with : ) Winslow's invitation showcases our original template as is (without modification), while some pink and purple flair was added to the number 4 in Kennedy's invitation, and a pop of script font for Nora!

customized rainbow invitations for girls

Perfect for family-friendly gatherings and backyard parties, using the balloon garland as your inspiration and decorating with lots of colorful balloons, makes for a visually striking party. You could even create a stunning rainbow balloon garland like the one on our inspiration board. Paper lanterns are another great way to add some fun and festive flair to your event.

Also, for a summer birthday party, consider using fruit as part of your decor and menu. Watermelon bowls, pineapple centerpieces, and strawberry drinks are sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

As you can see, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing a cohesive and fun party around our rainbow balloon garland invitations. Honey Be-Merry unique invitation cards can be customized to fit your specific party needs. We provide an option for professional printing on high quality cardstock. You can also purchase our designs as a digital file which you can print yourself.
Looking for more birthday party stationery? We also create coordinating paper goods upon request. For example: hang tags, signage, labels, thank-you cards etc.
So, whether you're looking for a fun and festive joint birthday invitation or simply need some inspiration for your child's next big bash, we've got you covered!
Drop us a line if you have any questions or need some help getting started. We're always here to help!


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