Birthday Invitations For Him That Are Not Black & Gold

When it comes to adult party invitations for men, it seems like black and gold are often the go-to colors. But what if your guest of honor isn’t a fan of those colors? Or maybe you’re just looking for something different than the typical designs, and want birthday invitations for him that are interesting and imaginative. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you!

oxfords illustration men's birthday invitation
If you’re planning a birthday party for the man in your life, you’ll want to choose invitations that reflect his personality and the theme of the event. Sure you can go the traditional route - tried, tested and true. But if you're looking for invitations for men that stretch the imagination, we've rounded up a few of our favorite elegant birthday invitations for men that are not black and gold.
From simple and sophisticated to fun and festive, these birthday invitations will set the tone for your event and get your guests excited for the celebration.

Golf Cart Adult Birthday Invitation

golf theme men's birthday invitation card

This invitation is perfect for the jovial guest of honor who enjoys golfing. The golf theme is carried throughout the invitation with the use of a charming golf cart illustration and whimsical script font. The light colors give the invitation an airy feel, while the neutral colors make it appropriate for a more formal event. Picture a country club venue with lots of whites and light colors.

Green Cocktail Birthday Party Invitation

cocktail theme men's birthday invitation card

This invitation is perfect for the guest of honor who loves a good cocktail and is always up for a good time. The cocktail drink illustration combined with the ‘Cheers!’ font turns what would have been a more formal design into a relaxed and approachable feel without sacrificing elegance. This invitation would be ideal for a chic yet relaxed event with lots of dancing.

Oxfords Men's Birthday Invitation

oxfords fashion men's birthday invitation card

For the debonair and stylish guest of honor, this invitation commands attention with its classic style and masculine appeal. The illustration of a pair of oxfords is the perfect addition to this semi formal to formal invitation design. We picture an affair filled with stimulating conversations and lovely drinks.

Bow Tie Birthday Invitation For Him

bow tie men's birthday invitation card

For the guest of honor with impeccable style, this bold and statement-making invitation is perfect. Its masculine appeal and bow tie illustration dresses up the invitation, making it appropriate for a formal event. The charming personality of the dapper guest of honor is sure to shine through at an elegant affair held in a hotel venue.

 Rainbow Cake Party invitation For Adults

rainbow cake men's birthday invitation card

This invitation is perfect for the guest of honor who is the life of the party. The colorful design and attention-grabbing elements make it ideal for a party for a young and hip crowd. The rainbow cake slice illustration also makes it Lgbtq+ friendly, while the urban feel gives it a modern edge. We picture this party being filled with laughter, dancing, and lots of good vibes.

Time To Celebrate! Let's Customize An Invite For You

These are just a few Honey Be-Merry birthday invitations for him that are not black and gold, and are perfect for 30th, 40th, 50th and all the milestone celebrations! Whatever the theme or style of your event, there’s an invitation out there that will perfectly reflect the guest of honor and get your guests excited for the celebration. All that’s left to do is choose the perfect one!

These chic, customizable invites can be professionally printed on premium cardstock. They can also be purchased as a digital file which you can print yourself.

We also create coordinating paper goods upon request. For example: hang tags, signage, labels, thank you cards and more! Shop these invitations and more from our Etsy store.


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